Spa Manual

Our massages


The treatments performed in the Energy Clinic are developed from original methods and further improved by far-eastern traditional medicine techniques. We offer many different kinds of massage: feel free to inquire with the staff and they will suggest one that most suits your needs, so that you can best achieve balance and vitality of your body.



Our products


All Energy Clinic products are made by us, they are purely organic in origin and designed to have a synergyc effect on body and mind. They are clinically tested – but not on animals, of course – and there have been no recorded contraindications.



Our staff


Our staff consists of motivated and qualified young people with an extensive international work experience and a desire to keep on improving through education. You will recognize them by their uniforms and they all have a name tag so feel free to call them by their name and if you like the treatment, please let them know – they take great pride in a job well done.



Cancellation policy


Please, cancel your scheduled treatment at least 4 hours before the appointment. If you cancel the treatment later or if you simply do not arrive, we will have to charge you 50% of the treatment’s fee. If you only show up a bit late, we will have to shorten your chosen treatment or exchange it for a shorter one in order to respect our schedule.



Dress code


There is no dress code – you can dress any way you like. However, for maximum comfort and carelessness, we advise you to use a white robe and a pair of white slippers provided in your room. When visiting the gym, please wear proper fitness attire and clean trainers.