6 PACK BOX – Everything a woman needs


Luxury spa in your own bathroom


If you are looking for products that will give you that LUXURY feeling like you are in the hotel or spa – we are here to inform you that you can finally have it. Your favorite evening rituals can now be part of your everyday life.


‘I can’t get enough of that Energy Clinic fragrancy. Your products smell BEEEAUTIFUL and have been part of my evening and morning routine for many years now. Thanks, EC for that silky skin! ‘

Maja T.


Choose our 6 PACK BOX that has everything for the perfect start or end of the day with our top products, tested on more than 95 thousand of our spa clients.


‘As a big fan of your services (EC signature massage is the best thing I’ve tried in my life 😇 ) I’m thrilled to have these same products with me while I travel or after a hard and stressful day. Please expand the offer and fragrances ’.’

Jana P.



Why choose Energy Clinic 6 PACK BOX?


Energy Clinic 6 PACK BOX contains everything for an effective, sensual, and fragrant start or end of the day.


Fit Figure Body Serum + Fit Figure Body Milk + Body Oil with Lavender + Face Micro Scrubber + Massage & Detox Body Brush + Bathrobe


With these six products, you will quickly notice the difference in your skin and your mood. From effective peeling with our brushes made of natural materials, all the way to the final care and hydration, you will enjoy the oasis of your bathroom just like in a luxury hotel spa.


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