Face yoga

To put it simply, face yoga is a series of facial exercises, where you intentionally isolate and tone your face muscles – strengthening specific muscle groups to keep the skin on top plump and firm.  We all have these tiny, delicate muscles in our face that you might not even think twice about.

It is actually quite similar to the other types of yoga—you’re toning the muscles, getting your blood flowing, and getting some meditation and breathwork in while you’re at it. And just like yoga, it may take a bit of practice before you finally get the hang of the exercise.  Not only is face yoga a less invasive alternative to Botox and other facial fillers, but it’s also way cheaper (as in, free!).

Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance!

You will learn how to reduce laugh lines, frown lines between eyebrow and forehead, saggy jawlines, jowls, asymmetrical face, etc, you name it! Face Yoga is a great natural alternative to botox or plastic surgeries.

The beauty of Facial Yoga is that you can do most of the exercise anytime anywhere. When you do facial massage, you need to first wash your face, and apply skincare cream. But for Face Yoga, most of the exercises do not require any face cream or anything. All you need is your face! Once you learn how to do, you can do the exercises on the go! Ex. when you are working in front of screen, while walking, while cooking, etc. How easy is that?

Unlike injection or those medical beauty procedures, Face Yoga is NOT quick fix. It requires consistent training on a regular basis. Incorporate those exercises into your daily routines, so it’s easy to continue. Remember, consistency is a key for success.

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